Clean Slate Filmz

"Stories enchant us, inspire us, but most of all, they define us."

Clean Slate Filmz

Commit to futuristic & meaningful cinema

Create & inspire

Lead with original & disruptive content

Grow with fresh talent & fresh ideas

Embrace gender positivity & diversity

Driven with values & purpose

The Purpose & Furtherance

Why it matters.

We believe cinema is simply not entertainment, but a platform that carries a keen influence on societies through its ideas, experiences and stories. Cinema has ever been the dreamscape for the young to the old, connecting the diversity with one story; and so good story-telling matters.

We work experiences that resonate with the vision of creating lasting value for our stakeholders; audiences, employees, investors and society through experiences that are futuristic, meaningful and promote developing a sustainable future for all.


What originates from the governance of the company and is also seen deep-rooted in its culture is a commitment toward sustaining gender equality in real, empowering women especially with fair and equal opportunities, ensuring careful use of resources in the line of our work and investing on partnerships that further positive impact on environment and societies.

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